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To play the virtual Ottes organ of Móstoles from 2004, these are the minimum requirements:
1st: To play the complete version of this sample set without limitations requires a modern, fast computer with, for example, Windows 10 64 bit installed and around 12 GB of RAM.
The best results are achieved with computers from Apple-MacIntosh although we have no experience with these.
It is difficult to make exact pronouncements about minimum requirements. The "mother" website, hauptwerk.com, has a wealth of information. Prerequisites..
Here follows a table giving the memory requirements for the various programs.
On other systems, these requirements could vary!
Do take into consideration that the operating system itself also has substantial memory requirements.
Table giving the memory requirements for Hauptwerk version 5 (space needed on the hard drive is 6 GB)
Loading method Memory requirements
Operating system not included
Completely loaded 24 bit 48 kHz, uncompressed, multi loops, multi release, sounds. 7,8 GB
Loaded 24 bit 48 kHz, compressed, multi loops, multi release, sounds. 5,6 GB
Loaded 16 bit 48 kHz, compressed, single loop, single release, sounds not loaded. 2 GB
2nd: A good internal or external sound card. For more information go to: Hauptwerk.com. The same card can, in some cases, also provide the connection from keyboard to computer.
3rd: Two musical instrument keyboards, two synthesizers, a pedalboard (possible 30 keys) or a complete organ with MIDI out.
Beautiful consoles specifically designed for Hauptwerk are commercially available.
In the Netherlands these are available through, for example, HSMuziek or Mixtuur.
4th: The excellent sound quality of Hauptwerk can be very well realized using a high quality set of headphones, e.g. AKG or Sennheiser. We prefer connecting the sound card to (a possibly multi-channel) sound system.
The above mentioned companies, HSMuziek and Mixtuur can give advice with respect to possible purchases in this area. What you must definitely not do is listen to Hauptwerk using your built-in monitor speakers or a set of 10 Euro computer speakers!
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